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– GMAT Problem Solving and GMAT Data Sufficiency Module –
:: For those who know what to do, but can’t do what they know!
There are two kinds of quantitative questions on the GMAT.

The first is “Problem Solving” and the second is “Data Sufficiency”.

About GMAT Problem Solving:

“Problem Solving” tests your ability to: understand what you are you asked to do and in many cases redefine the question; and recognize which of the 5 answer choices is the exact answer to the question asked. The correct answer can be identified through a combination of direct solving and the systematic elimination of the wrong answer choices.

About GMAT Data Sufficiency:

“Data Sufficiency” does NOT test your ability to solve problems, but tests your ability to recognize whether one has sufficient information to solve the problem. Since, Data Sufficiency does NOT require you to actually solve the problem, “Data Sufficiency” requires fewer background skills than does “Problem Solving”. Have a look at each of these two questions types here:

Differences in math skills manifest themselves most in the “Problem Solving” section of the GMAT.

About The Richardson GMAT 800 Math Clinic/Workshop

“For those who know what to do, but can’t do what they know!”

Many GMAT Test Takers Say:

I know the background GMAT math skills. Furthermore, I have reviewed many GMAT question types. But, I took the GMAT and received only an average quantitative score.

I can’t seem to use my knowledge to properly answer the quantitative questions on the GMAT! I can’t link my knowledge to the questions that are asked. In many instances, I simply don’t know how to proceed! In other words:

“I know what to do, but I just can’t seem to do what I know!”

The GMAT 800 Math Clinic is NOT a review of basic GMAT math skills. It is a “hands on” clinic/workshop where you will be exposed to actual GMAT questions which are:

  • harder than average
  • require multiple steps which include multiple background skills
  • often require redefining what the question is really asking
  • will force you to read the questions more carefully and proceed more methodicallyIf you find the basic GMAT prep in books too easy AND still underperform on actual GMAT questions, this clinic is a possible answer for you. Your Teacher: – The GMAT 800 Math Clinic will be taught by the former head of the “Math Learning Centre” at York University with approximately 26 years of GMAT teaching experience. The goal is to ensure that you are exposed to and taught from questions which continually challenge you and reflect the top end of your ability.How Do I Know Whether The GMAT 800 Math Clinic/Workshop Is For Me?Below you will find 20 practice questions in a screening test. Give them a try. If you get seven or more of them right, then this clinic is for you! If you have already taken the GMAT, you should enroll in this workshop only if you have already:
  • scored above the 55% percentile on the quantitative section
  • scored 540 or above on the actual GMATThe screening test and instructions for how to use it may be found at:
  • Our upcoming GMAT 800 Weekend Math Clinic dates are:
  • S. 1 July 23, 24 – 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day
  • S. 2 September 10, 11 – 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day
  • Course Fee: $495.00 + HST

    To Register: gmatprepregister [at] prep dot com or call us at 416-410-7737

    Location: University Of Toronto – St. Michael’s College

    – Carr Hall 100 St. Joseph St. – Classroom TBA

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