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LSAT is your friend!

The word “LSAT” stands for “Law School Admission Test”. If you are applying to law school in Canada or the U.S. you are required to take the LSAT. The LSAT is now part of the admissions process in Australia and is part of the admissions process in some schools in India.

Upon once a time there was math on the LSAT. There were two kinds of math questions. The first was a section called “quantitative comparisons” that is still on the GRE and is part of GRE Preparation in Canada. The second type of math was called “Data Interpretation”. Data Interpertation is still important for the GRE in Canada. Data Interpretation is still relevant to GMAT preparation in Canada. In fact it is the basis for the new “GMAT Integrated Reasoning” question type.

There is no longer any math on the LSAT.   There are certain sections of the LSAT where it pays to have a mathematical mind. In fact, LSAT logic is very similar to math. People who do well on math often do will on LSAT Logic Games. In fact both math and philosophy students tend to outperform others on the LSAT. That said, the LSAT is fundamentally a test of reading and reasoning.

In any case, her are some links to Toronto LSAT preparation courses and/or LSAT tutoring. The tutoring can also be done online.


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