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Remedial High School Math – Basic Skills

Are you having trouble with high school math? It’s quite possible that you have “great potential” but are lacking some basic background skills. This lack of skills can manifest itself in the following ways:

– you can’t progress, because you are missing a step
– you feel as though you have “one hand tied behind your back” as you try to move forward in learning new math topics
– your teacher seems to assume that you are competent in certain skills, but you are not.

Math should not be treated like any high school subject. It is an important tool for learning other subjects: science, finance, etc.

Math and English are the building blocks of all learning. Without having competency in basic math skills you will not be able to live the life you want and have take advantage of a large number career, vocational, and educational opportunities. There is a direct relationship between math and career choice. An inability to do math will limit your career choices. Examples include:

Real Estate Math

Police Exam Math

GRE Math


SAT Math

Investment Math

Math and Admission to University

Math and Life (at least your life)

I will remember talking to high school student who was taking a math course in summer  school. His reason for being there:

“I want to go to law school. If I don’t get into a good university, I won’t be able to go to law school. If I can’t do math, I won’t get into a good university.”

To put it simply:

If you don’t have basic math skills, you will not have the quality of life that you want!

You can and should learn the skills that you are missing.

Math Magic is running  a summer remedial “background math skills” program to teach high school math students the skills they need, but that they lack. It will run during the month of July. It will take place in downtown Toronto and will be taught by a certified/licensed Ontario high school math teacher.

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