Police Exam – PATI Math

When it comes  to policing, Math matters!

PATI Math Orientation and PREP

Location: University of Toronto – St. Michael’s College

To register: Please email policemath at mathmagic dot ca – include your name, address and telephone number.

“Testing Information

Recent developments in the police constable hiring procedure have led to the use of standardized tests in the initial screening of applicants. This process involves a series of four (4) tests, which are designed to indicate certain aptitudes and abilities of a career in policing. This test battery consists of:



Description: The PATI assesses the essential competency analytical thinking, which tests three key areas required of police constables when performing their jobs.  These areas are:

“Quantitative Reasoning – The ability to apply basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions to solve problems. Police officers are required to apply arithmetic processes to determine rates of speed, stopping distances, etc. This ability is tested on the Word Problems and Arithmetic tasks.
Improvement Strategy – To practice the arithmetic tasks, the most common strategy is to complete computations longhand and double check with a calculator. Search the bookstore for math books specializing in computations and word problems. An Adult Learning Center may be able to provide resources to assist you with arithmetic improvement strategies.”

From the Applicant Testing Services description of the PATI.

Basic math is part of the “PATI” (Police Analytical Thinking Inventory).  IT is one of 6 subjects which are tested. Most of the math skills are tested in the context of word problems which combine both reading and quantitative skills. Success with these basic skills can be the difference between the career you want and just settling for second best.  Check out these sample PATI math questions:


If you want to face up to learning these skills, you are invited to join us for this three session course run over three weekends. Homework will be assigned between the first and second weekends.


Email: policemath@mathmagic.ca

Additional  Skills Required For Canada Police  Exams:

Many Ontario police  services  require applicants  to take the Police Analytical Thinking Inventory PATI syllogisms test.

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